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Why use a mattress protector?

The easy answer - to protect your mattress and pillows - but from what?


All mattress protectors offer a layer of defence between you and your mattress. This keeps the mattress free from sweat and skin that you shed while sleeping. Yes! - even the most angelic sweat and shed at night.


If it’s waterproof you are looking for then choose from the defence lines.

Our Dreamdefence defend against dustmite, allergy, bed bugs and are 100% waterproof. They not only protect your expensive mattress, but add comfort and keep your bedding looking beautiful.


The waterproof coating is polyurethane and unlike the PVC used by some manufacturers this coating is 100% waterproof yet also breathable. This allows for the body to remain cool, stops skin from making contact with your mattress and prevents 100% of any liquids staining or damaging your mattress.


If the skin can’t make contact with your mattress there is no “food” for bedbugs. This barrier also stops any dust that’s in your mattress from bothering you. It’s quiet and soft and gentle to sleep on.


All our mattress protectors fit like a fitted sheet with elastic all the way round.

What sizes are standard beds in South Africa?

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